Cross-art Collective Piste

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Piste is a collective of artists and art educators who share a passion to do art in relation to their community. This shared interest has led them to create productions and performances, develope methods of art education and produce events for different audiences. Piste also activately participates in projects.

Piste is based in the town of Rovaniemi at the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, but performs nationwide and internationally. Piste has nineteen members, all of whom are professional artists or art educators. A dozen of other art makers also work for Piste yearly.


Cross Art Collective Piste produces high-quality and distinctive contemporary circus, dance and theatre performances. More information here.

Art Education

The people of Piste share a view that art belongs to all people from babies to elderly. Piste also sees art as a way to be together and to become a community. All the people appear very similarly human when making or experiencing art. Piste’s art educators have been working with groups like refugee youth, infant families and people with cognitional challenges.

Something on your mind? Looking for artists from the north of Finland? Ideas for collaboration? Questions? Comments? Contact us

Piste Kollektiivi / Piste Collective


Address (office) : Kairatie 3, 96100 Rovaniemi, Finland

Address (art space and rehearsal hall Sipola11): Sipolantie 11,  96500 Rovaniemi, Finland

Billing/banking information

Registration number (Finnish ”Y-tunnus”): 2141971-6
Registration number as NGO: 197.136

Postal address: Kairatie 3
96100 Rovaniemi, Finland

Bank: Pohjolan Osuuspankki. Bank address:
Koskikatu 12, 96101 Rovaniemi, Finland

Account number: IBAN FI14 5640 0220 3013 99

Invoices by web: 003721419716. Operator OKOYFIHH

Contact persons
producer Laura Rekilä, +358 400 215 559 (available part-time from Tuesday to Thursday).
chairperson, media artist Ninni Korkalo, +358 40 831 2314
vice chair person Joonas Martikainen, +358 50 337 2828
responsable bills, salaries, accounting Riikka Vuorenmaa, +358 40 726 2205