Cross Art Collective Piste produces high quality

and personal contemporary circus- dance- and theatre performances


Circus Company Nurin Kurin Group

Nurin Kurin is Piste’s circus group. It produces circus performances. Mette Ylikorva’s Wow Hoop (Vau vanne) was its first production in 2008. The baby-circus performance has toured Finland from the big cities of the south coast to the villages at the northern border. It has visited Sweden and France too. Wow Hoop is seen in New York, USA in august 2013.

2018 Nurin Kurin Group has new show Koipuu!

Circus performances for touring

– Wow hoop – circus performance for infant families

Koipuu – contemporary piece combining circus and cello music.

Dance Company Rasa Collective

Rasa Collective is Piste’s dance group. Rasa’s choreographer-dancers Marjo Selin and Titta Court are interested in sociological and environmental issues. The performances often happen in places not made for dance.


All performances are made for touring.