Monster – don’t be afraid

 Monster – don’t be afraid

“Satsu the clown doesn’t want to go to bed, because there’s someone under it, smacking his mouth.It’s scary, but which of them is more scared?

Combining puppetry and circus, this show meant for the whole family is about fear and being afraid.

Fargeted especially for kids age 6-10. Duration 35 minutes

Premiere: 3.9.2014


Work group

Clown: Mette Ylikorva
Manipulation: Jose Salo
Lights: Riikka Vuorenmaa
Music: Tatu Kantomaa
Dramaturgy: Janne Rosenvall
Puppets, scenery, costumes and properties: Mette Ylikorva ja Jose Salo

Production: Cross art collective Piste

Requirements for the space: black-out possibility, rising audience. Wideness 5m, depth 5m.

Crew on tour 3 persons 

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