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Welcome to the Well-being Residency Think Tank -project webpage! We are making art experiences and cultural rights stronger & more available for all groups of people and developing toolsets and regional models. This is a two-year long project between organisations from Finland, Latvia, Sweden and Russia.

The second phase of the WBRTT has started in early 2019. At this stage each partner will start a well-being residency and try-out in their region in order to further develop and strengthen the cooperation between the social and health care and the arts sector. Piste is now looking for an artist-in-residence from Northern Sweden to work in our residence on the fall of 2019! Please see the announcement here.

On this page you will find information about our project, our project partners and the schedules of our theme days and events. We will also add information about themes related to the project to the Project database here. We will add material throughout the project so please bookmark us and visit the page every now and then for new things!

The project is aimed to respond to the need to raise participation of different groups of people in arts, and guarantee that the cultural rights are always realised, no matter what the individual’s life situation and their place of living. The people in weakest position are often ones that have to live in closed communities, for example in care homes, elderly homes, prisons or refugee centers. The need for professionally organised arts and culture activities is seen as important and the need for it is raising more and more.

The WBRTT project aims to share experiences and best practices of a model developed in Finland and to create a shared platform for collective professional thinking. Developing the practices together will make it easier to create new artist residencies in the social and health care sectores in Sweden, Latvia and Russia. The meaning is to create new residency actors and to create a common base for socially engaged arts and artists to travel, exchange experiences and knowledge, as well as their cooperation in the Barents region.

The project was opened in Rovaniemi, Finland on 8th June 2018. In the Think Tanks after this the project partners will meet, developing content and models according to each partner’s local needs. Each Think Tank also comes with an open seminar to all involved and interested local and regional groups and professionals from the arts and the social and health care sectors. The first phase of the project ends at the end of the year 2019 with the release of results from the first stage and an open seminar.

The main partner is Piste Collective and it works with project partners VSIA Rigas Cirks ja Sansusi from Latvia, Sortavala Social and Cultural Youth Center in Karelia, Russia and the ArtNorth from Region Norrbotten in Sweden. A cooperational partner in Finland is Taiteen edistämiskeskus. Main funding at the first stage is received from Pohjoismainen kulttuuripiste / Nordic Culture Point.

Following events

Opening of the project and Think Tank 1. Rovaniemi, 7.6.2018.

Hyvinvointia taiteilijaresidensseistä -theme day, Rovaniemi, pe 8.6.2018. View schedule here (in Finnish)

The Healing Power of Art -theme day and Think Tank 2. Luleå, Sweden, 18.-19.9.2018. View schedule here (in English) or at the Swedish Lapland AIR webpage here | The programme as pdf: WBRTT – Invitation and programme WBRTT – Invitation and programme – Day 1 updated 2018.09.12

“Well-being residency as an instrument of cooperation for social care sector and art” – Open theme day and Think Tank 3, Sortavala, Russia, 16.10.2018. View schedule here (in English and in Russian)

”Well-being residencies: The potential of the collaboration between arts and wellbeing sector” – theme day and Think Tank 4. Riga and Akniste, Latvia, 7.5.-9.5.2019.

End seminar and publication of results from the first stage of the project, Finland, 2019.

About the project

Well-being Residency Think Tank – making art experiences and cultural rights stronger & more available for all groups of people. Developing toolsets and regional models. Two-year long project between organisations from Finland, Latvia, Sweden and Russia.

Well-being Residency Think Tank is a capacity building project. The organisations will create think tanks in order to create individualised tool-sets for ameliorating/starting a wellbeing residency practice. The main goal is to create a sustainable methodology for wellbeing residency practice for each partner and a basis for more general tools that could help sharing this practice wider.

The project was opened in Rovaniemi, Finland on 8th June 2018. Materials from this day are available at http://www.pistery.org/wbrttroi2018-materiaalit A live stream made from the seminar in Rovaniemi, including all presentations, are at the WBRTT YouTube channel http://www.tinyurl.com/wbrttvideos.

The project partners are: Monitaideyhdistys Piste, Rovaniemi, Finland (main coordinating partner). VSIA Rigas Cirks and Sansusi, Latvia. Sortavala Social and Youth Center, Russia. ArtNorth from Region Norrbotten, Ruotsi, Sweden. View project partner introductions here!

The project plan in full can be viewed here.

The cooperational partner of the project in Finland is Taike – Arts Promotion Center (Taiteen edistämiskeskus). The project is funded at the first stage by Nordic Culture Point. Think Tank 3 and the theme day in Sortavala have been funded by Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland.


Project objectives
1) Create an environment for collective professional thinking and support for well-being residencies

2) Developing adapted methodology for each residency place in collaboration with local healthcare specialists

3) Gathering international point of view, encouraging artist exchange, and collaboration between artists

4) Building a network for well-being residencies

5) Mapping the possibilities for new well-being residencies in Northern Europe.

Project Actions
There will 5 think-tank meetings organised in each partner’s residency center. The overall objectives of these meetings is to research the local specificity of the possibilities of merge the wellbeing residency principle with the individual set of artistic goals of each residency. Even if there are some general rules about implementing the wellbeing practices, each case, the set of the audience (inhabitants of care-house, elderly house, hospital) is very different and needs specific needs. Sharing the knowledge and experience of each partner would help to generate a methodology adapted to the place. To insure the quality for the new made adapted methodology for each place, each partner will invite local health and wellbeing professionals to join the think-tank and contribute to the methodology. The main result would be not only enlarging the perspective of this specific, and relatively new practice, but to actually create a methodology and set of tools adapted to each place and easily sharable with the artists residents.

Project database

Information, links to resources and articles will be collected and shared here and on the project Facebook page throughout the project. http://www.pistery.org/wbrtt/wbrtt-collection/

Questions, comments and ideas are always welcome and you can send them by e-mail to the project coordinator Laura Rekilä (of Piste Collective), laura.rekila@gmail.com

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