Technical requirements

Technical requirements for Wow hoop


height min 4m,

floor area min 6m*6m.

Customising into a smaller area is possible, if agreed in advance.


Sound is operated either from a laptop. The venue has to provide for a sufficient sound system.


There’s no theatrical lighting. Some props have leds inside. The room lighting should

be dimmed down a bit if possible. Total darkness is to be avoided.


Set consists a tent and circular mats on the floor.


The performance is targetted to babies under one year of age. The babies come to the show with their parents, grandparents or other adults. This might be unclear to some. During the reservation prosess please remind the audience that babies can’t be left there alone. Older siblings can accompany, but too many older kids change the focus away from the babies.

There should be only 10-15 babies/children plus their parents. Babies lay or sit on the pillows on the floor. Some chairs can be brought into the space for the adults. Everyone shold be on the floor level – no rising audience.

The performer meets the audience in the entrance hall. Most come with carriage. They need room and easy access.


Preparations take 1-2h. The performer needs 1h in peace for dressing & warming up.

The performance lasts 20-30min and the workshop 10-40mins depending on the mood of the babies. Taking everything down takes 30mins-1h. This equals the space needs to be in our use for minimun 4h.


Normally the show comes with two persons – the performer and a technician. The times above are for this arrangement.

The hosts can help by carrying things in & out, cleaning the props, connecting sounds etc.

Other requirements:

The props and mat are cleaned before and after every show. For this we need a vacuum cleaner and water.

Please inform us of the place where this is easiest to do.